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Healthy Meal Planning

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It’s so easy to slip into old habits when trying to get healthy.  To avoid that, plan plan plan!   What do you have in your fridge and pantry right now?  You can save money AND improve your health and lose weight by planning a menu around items you already have.

When you hit the grocery store, remember:  Stick to your shopping list.  Do not be swayed by great deals on bad food. 

You’ve probably heard about the outer aisles... take advantage of them!   Find out what produce is in season.  Right now it’s cauliflower, cabbage, pears, and citrus like grapefruits and oranges. 

Keeping fruit on the kitchen counter might tempt you or your family to grab that instead of a Big Ol’bag of chips.

Start out on the right foot and use planning to keep the feet moving in the right direction.