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Shake Up Your Fitness Routine

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(Wellness coach Adam Michael Brewer outside) (Adam Michael Brewer)

After a while, your fitness routine can become just that, routine. A group fitness class could give you a needed boost. Choose a variety of classes to combat boredom. (People in group fitness classes) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) You can find a class for pretty much anything you are looking for. (An hour-long class might fly by with music!) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) Want cardio? Check out step aerobics or spin classes. (People on spin cycles in gym) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) The instructors and music should pump you up, and wear you out. (People on floor exercising) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) If you're looking to work on your core and increase your flexibility, yoga and pilates are popular options. (Talk with your doctor before starting an exercise program) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) You'll learn proper form and technique from the instructors, no experience necessary, but build up to those expert moves. Baby steps. (Adam Michael Brewer sitting on yoga mat outside) (Adam Michael Brewer) With the fun and social aspects of group fitness classes, this could become your favorite meet up with friends. (Health Minute logo with sound of ticking clock)