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Set Goals You Can Achieve

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(Wellness coach Adam Michael Brewer outdoors) (Adam Michael Brewer) Remember the goals you set last year? Did you accomplish those goals? If your goals aren't going anywhere, year after year, maybe it's time to change the way you set goals. (Man lifting weights) (Break your goals down to make them easier to manage) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) Break your goals down in several chunks, so you can see progress. Want to lose 20 pounds? (Woman doing sit-ups) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) Break it up into losing one pound every week, until you get to 20. (Adam Michael Brewer in woodland) (Adam Michael Brewer) Make it specific. "Be more active," could mean anything. Your goal should include when, and where, and why. (Setting goals) (Adam Michael Brewer voice-over) For example: to get in shape, go to the office gym, after work, for 45 minutes, twice a week, will get you a lot farther than work out more. (Two women carrying gym bags) (Share your goals with your friends)