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Pregnancy - First Trimester

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Optum patient education video: Pregnancy the first trimester

0:34 my name is Kristen and I’m a first time mom to my daughter Stella who was born just two weeks ago.

0:08 My name is Genna Campbell, my son Liam is 8 mo old.

0:10 my name is Lisa, my daughter Karen was born 5 months ago.

[text: how did you feel during the first trimester?]

1:24 after about 8 weeks and confirming I was pregnant I was just exhausted. I’m usually very active, I run a lot. And I was sleeping a lot. So that first trimester, napping, drinking lots of water and snacking was my habit.

(Genna)0:24 I was tired all the time. At 2pm every day, I just wanted to climb under my desk at work and go to sleep.

(Lisa) 1:00 Really the only issue I dealt with was fatigue. And that’s good. I’ve had friends who’ve had morning sickness and other things that make it hard to get moving during the day. Just being tired was the only thing I really experienced.

[text: Morning sickness can be managed]

0:13 my name is Michelle, I’m a labor and delivery nurse manager

(michelle pt2) 1:00 many women have problems with morning sickness, which of course can last all day. It’s not just the morning. We recommend that you eat small, frequent meals. Make sure it’s healthy food. Drink plenty of fluids so you don’t become dehydrated. Get plenty of rest; many women say they feel tired during their first trimester. And make that appt to see your healthcare provider.

[text: which healthcare providers did you see during your pregnancy?]

(Genna) 1:03 I was seeing my midwives and the nursing team as well.

(Lisa) 0:17 a variety of people, doctor, nurses, nurse practitioner

(Kristen) 0:52 I chose to see the midwives because I like the way they practice. It’s more of a nursing-based practice. They work with you a lot. I went through my first trimester once every four weeks. Near the end, I started going once every week or two weeks.

(Michelle pt2) 0:15 some of the most important things are making sure you’re healthy before the pregnancy. Eating well, exercising taking good care of yourself. Also making sure you refrain from alcohol, smoking, drugs. And we really recommend you see your hc provider. Even preconception to see if there’s anything you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. And certainly once you suspect you might be pregnant, call and find out when your practitioner would like to see you.

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