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(Nutrition expert Keri Glassman in kitchen) (Keri Glassman) Everyone always tells you that you need to stop eating trans fats, fatty meats, cheese, and fried foods, and they're all bad for your heart. But, instead of thinking about what you can't eat. Let's talk about what you can eat. (Images of vegetables) (Your heart veggies!) (Keri Glassman voice-over) Make sure you fill the majority of your plate, at least at lunch and dinner, with veggies. Look for bright colors, like red peppers, yellow squash, orange carrots, and purple cabbage. (Images of whole grains and breads) (Make half of the grains you eat whole grains!) (Keri Glassman voice-over) When you eat starches, look for whole grains, like brown rice. Stick to unprocessed grains as much as possible. But, if you do go for pastas and breads, don't forget that they come in whole grain varieties as well. (Images of beans) (Keri Glassman voice-over) Beans, beans, they're good for your heart... (Keri Glassman in kitchen) (Keri Glassman) I'll let you finish the rest. So, up your fiber intake with kidney, pinto, and navy beans. (Images of containers of nuts and oils in grocery store) (Keri Glassman voice-over) Finally, you should include some healthy fats. Oil, such as avocado, and nuts and seeds are great places to get your healthy, unsaturated fats. (Pans of fish) (Keri Glassman voice-over) And, don't forget fish. Aim for twice a week for some good omega-3 fatty acids.

(Keri Glassman in kitchen) (Keri Glassman) Focus on good heart health and your loved ones will thank you. (Health Minute logo with sound of ticking clock and chime)