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Benefits of Owning a Pet

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(Dogs outside) (Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D. in library) (Dr. Taz Bhatia) Man's best friend, it's truer than you think. The American Heart Association says owning a dog may reduce our risk of heart disease. (Cat laying in grass) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over) The CDC says that owning any pet,... (Goldfish swimming in fishbowl) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over)...even goldfish, may lower our blood pressure and cholesterol. (Man playing with dog) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over) Most pets keep us moving. (Dogs running) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over) Having an animal that runs and plays makes us run and play. (Man running with dog on leash) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over) Dog owners get their needed exercise more often than non-owners. (Dogs at dog park) (Dr. Taz Bhatia voice-over) And all that time at the park keeps us involved in our community.